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In the new economy, the key to wealth is the production of Knowledge Capital.  This knowledge can take many forms:

As the person who led the production of this knowledge, you had to make many decisions.  Now that the cash is beginning to roll in, you have to ask yourself a critical question.  Who should I trust to guide me through the many financial and tax decisions that I have to make in the coming months and years?  You are going to have questions such as:

1.  What are the tax implications of a license?
2.  What structure is best for my business from a financial and tax view?
3.  What do I do if my business does not have sufficient financial capital?

These questions and many more will require that you have not just a knowledgeable accountant, but a creative accountant.  Are we creative accountants?  You be the judge.   We were the first full service business and personal financial consulting firm to implement a complete set of services in Financial Sustainability.

We are creative and therefore we want to work with clients who are also creative.  Our People, Services and Products are threfore different.  But don't take our word for it. Contact us and become a member of our work community and you will see that our behavior is consistent with our words. 

Has your CFO or CPA discussed their
approach to Financial Health with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

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